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Release Date: June 10, 2016
Rating: R

Year    :   10 June 2016 (USA)
By    :   Warner Bros. Pictures
Director    :   James Wan
Genre    :   Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Duration    :   2h 14m
Rating    :   R

In the 1970's, the Warrens inquired claims of demonic possession from some of sisters in Enfield, England. The Warrens seen dematerialization, levitations, and had dialogues with the devil itself.

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.0

Are you able to recall the last time you were really frightened in among the horror movies that are new? For me it is partly and awhile since I view lots of pictures but partly because Hollywood has not made anything chilling in awhile. I nevertheless needed to see it but was expecting that it was more like the first preview as opposed to second.

The year is 1971 and the Perron family moved into a small town. The father, Roger, is an over the road truck driver and the mother, Carolyn, stays at home to see their five daughters. During their first night in the home, a staircase that has been boarded up in a cupboard under the stairs is found by among the daughters. He tells his daughters to not go down there after Roger takes a look. After some little events that occur that evening at the Perron home we have been introduced to Ed and Lorraine Warren. Lorraine and Ed are wed and do paranormal investigations. They have been showing footage to several people from some of the investigations when we see Carolyn in on among the courses. The incidents at their house are more violent and keep occurring.

For the ones that have viewed 'Amityville' or read anything about the home, the Warren's are the couple that inquired it. This haunting takes place their investigation of Amityville. That said, this film was not as bad as I believed it'd be. Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston play both and Carolyn and Roger Perron did an excellent job. Lili might be remembered by you from 'Office Space' from 'The Haunting' and Ron. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga play the Warren's and they did a great job at the same time. Everything comes down to the children in this film who all do an excellent job at looking like they were really frightened. In lots of the new horror movies it is either too much CGI or all about gore and in 'The Conjuring 2' you get none. Okay, I might have simply lied, there might happen to be a little CGI in this film but you'dn't understand it if you saw it. The film had me gripping the arms of the seats several times and was extremely great. If you need to view the most frightening film this season and need an excellent scare this summer and get a chance, go check out this.
The Conjuring 2 true story shows that according to Peggy Hodgson, the mom, the haunting of her Enfield house started on the evening of August 30, 1977. She saw a chest of drawers going and entered her children's bedroom. As it went toward the door, reasoning that the invisible force was attempting to trap them she attempted to prevent the heavy oak chest.

"It began in a rear bedroom, the chest of drawers went, and you could hear shuffling," remembered the actual Janet Hodgson many years afterwards in a Station 4 Enfield Poltergeist documentary. Believing that it was her sibs making the sound and Janet, she said that her mom told them to go to sleep. She saw the chest of drawers going. When she attempted to push it back, she could not." - In The Conjuring 2 film, Janet Hodgson (Madison Wolfe) finds herself on the ceiling. There's absolutely no evidence this ever occurred in actual life. Did they hear a strange tapping coming from your walls?

Yes. The knock would disappear in and outside as it ran down the wall, the family that is allegedly frightening so much that they slept in the exact same room with the light on. A neighbor, Vic Nottingham, asserts that when he went into the house to inquire at the request of your family, he heard a knock on the ceiling and on the wall, leaving him frightened. The tapping can be heard during this Janet Hodgson interview which was conducted in the house. - Did tons of crosses turn down?

No. In fact-checking The Conjuring 2 by comparing it to the Enfield Poltergeist case that was actual, we found no signs that crosses turned down on the walls of the Hodgson house. Actually, the upside down cross hasn't been a symbol of evil. In actual life, crosses didn't turn upside down unlike the film, nor can it be a symbol of evil. Did the mom, Peggy, go for help to the neighbor's house?

Yes. While researching The Conjuring 2 true story, we learned that single mother Peggy Hodgson pleaded for help and took the family. The neighbors, Peggy Nottingham and Vic, offered to go into the house to inquire. "I was starting to get somewhat frightened." -Daily Mail Online Did Janet Hodgson actually levitate?

In The Conjuring 2 film, Peggy's daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe) rises high in the air and discovers herself trapped against the ceiling. This really is an entire exaggeration of what supposedly occurred during the Enfield haunting in actual life. Pictures of the actual Janet Hodgson "levitating" just reveal her a short space above her bed (see below). This, coupled with the way her body is placed in the air, has led a lot of people to consider that she just leapt from her bed. "The levitation was terrifying," remembered Janet, "because you did not understand where you were going to land."

"The woman saw me spinning around and banging against the window," remembers Janet. Did Lorraine Warren and demonologists Ed actually inquire the Enfield Poltergeist case?

Yes, but to a much smaller amount than portrayed in the film, which will be somewhat misleadingly billed as being "based on the accurate case files of the Warrens." Lorraine Warren and paranormal researchers Ed inquired the Enfield Poltergeist in summer time of 1978 and were only two of the many research workers to see with the Hodgson's North London house on Green Street. Most posts about the Enfield Poltergeist case do not even mention the Warrens, leading one to conclude that their function in the case was dramatized for The Conjuring 2. Actually, Guy Lyon Playfair, among the first paranormal researchers on the Enfield Poltergeist case, came forward prior to the film's release and said the Warrens had showed up "uninvited" and just remained for a day.

Ed Warren touched on the case and its skeptics in Gerald Brittle's novel The Demonologist , saying, "...inhuman spirit occurrences were in progress. You could not record the dangerous, menacing feeling inside that small house. Some saw it as evidence the Warrens were shams as the case became widely viewed as a hoax.

Unlike the film, the Warrens weren't greatly active in the Enfield Poltergeist case.

Was 11-year old Janet Hodgson actually owned by a dead guy named Bill Wilkins?

While fact-checking The Conjuring 2, we found this part of the film was to some degree inspired by audio tapes of the actual Janet Hodgson In the records, she can be heard sharing a message via a spooky voice, which can be allegedly that of Bill Wilkins, a guy who'd perished in the living room of the house several years before. An interview with Janet Hodgson at the time suggests the notion of speaking in a voice that is possessed may happen to be supported and planted in the head by paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse of Janet. When inquired when the voices began, Janet said that one night Maurice Grosse told them, "All we want now is the voices to speak." Nearly immediately following this idea, they did (the voices had largely growled, barked and made similar sounds prior to this). "I felt used by a power that nobody understands," the actual Janet Hodgson told the UK's Channel 4 years after. I am not convinced the poltergeist was really 'bad'. It was almost as if it needed to be part of our family. It did not need to hurt us. It needed to be at rest and had perished there. The only way it could convey was through me and my sister." - The guy who supposedly possessed Janet perish in the downstairs living before? Yes.

Like in The Conjuring 2, the actual Bill Wilkins (who supposedly have Janet) went blind as he died of a brain hemorrhage in his armchair. After they played with an Ouija board did the paranormal action start? Yes, at least according to the actual Janet Hodgson, who says that her sister Margaret and she and an Ouija board played only prior to the beginning of the action that is unnatural. - How many kids did the actual Peggy Hodgson have?

In studying the Enfield Poltergeist accurate narrative, we learned that, like in The Conjuring 2 film, the actual Peggy Hodgson was a single mother with four kids, Margaret, 12, Janet, 11, Johnny, 10, 7, and Billy. While posing for photographer Graham Morris Margaret, Janet and sibs Johnny try to share their anxiety. Her sibs and were Janet intimidated at school?

Yes, and according to Janet, the other children called her "Ghost Girl" and set crane flies down her back. Her brother was tormented in manners that were similar. -

Did furniture truly go?

In all, there were more than 30 witnesses to similar unusual occurrences in your home. As well as furniture going, they'd allegedly seen things flying about, possibly most amazingly, and chilly winds, physical assaults, pools of water appearing on the ground, graffiti, fits spontaneously igniting. - Police constable Carolyn Heeps said that she saw an armchair seem to levitate somewhat and move a few feet across the ground. Did the cops do anything to help?

No. During our investigation into the actual story behind the Enfield Poltergeist haunting, we learned that watching the authorities left after discovering that it was not a police issue since no one was breaking the law, a seat move. -

What caused the Enfield Poltergeist occasions to quiet down?

The actual Janet Hodgson considers that it was a priest's 1978 visit to the Enfield house of your family in North London that induced the haunting although the events didn't finish entirely, to calm down. Peggy heard sounds inside your home from time to time, and the younger brother Billy, who resided there until his mom passed of Janet, noted that you always felt like you were being saw. -

Could it be possible the whole thing was a hoax?

Yes. Two specialists in the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) caught the kids turning spoons themselves. Additionally they found it odd why no one was permitted in the room when Janet was speaking in her possessed voice, that was allegedly that of Bill Wilkins (among others). Janet herself acknowledged that some of the Enfield haunting occasions were fabricated. Within an article which was printed before the launch of The Conjuring 2 in the year, Janet said that about two percent of the paranormal activity within their Green Street house were falsified. - During a Margaret and Janet Hodgson interview that aired in 1980 within a TV special, Janet is inquired how it believes to be haunted by a poltergeist. "It is not haunted," Janet answers grinning. Her sister grins in amazement, as if Janet simply gave up a secret, and whispers, "Shut up!" through quiet giggles. Janet afterwards said she did not believe that the poltergeist was bad, meaning that the house was not always "haunted." In the years following the 1973 launch of The Exorcist, a slew of similar accounts emerged like the Enfield Poltergeist story. Some claim the movie gave birth into a culture of paranormal hoaxes performed by those seeking popularity and cash. Others consider the William Friedkin movie let impressionable heads to become readily determined by its demonic storyline. Regardless, alleged authentic narratives that were similar came forth, including the ones The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the first Conjuring, and its spinoff Annabelle

The actual Janet Hodgson declared that paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse found them falsifying matters on at least one or two occasions. After the paranormal action subsided what occurred to the Hodgson family?

The press interest disappeared and when the Enfield Poltergeist occasions subsided, various challenges were faced by the family. Janet wed after leaving home youthful. Her younger brother Johnny died of cancer. Janet, who'll be 46 at the time of the launch in 2016 of The Conjuring 2, lost a kid herself, a son who died at 18 in his sleep. She says that she did not need to resurrect the distressing memories of the Enfield Poltergeist occasions when her mom was not dead, but that she's now prepared to tell her narrative.

The actual Janet Hodgson about the Enfield Poltergeist during a 2012 interview.

We learned the actual Janet was thrilled when she heard about the film in studying The Conjuring 2 true story. "I was not really happy to hear about the movie," she said. "I did not understand anything about it. Do some of the families who have lived in the house since believe that it is haunted?

After the actual Peggy Hodgson her four sons and Clare Bennett moved into the Enfield house. Like Janet's younger brother Billy, Clare promised that she constantly felt as if she was being watched by someone. By voices, her kids would get woken up during the nighttime. She subsequently learned about the Enfield Poltergeist that had allegedly haunted the house. They moved out the following day after being in the home for just two months. - Daily Mail Online
The Conjuring 2 might be handling the Enfield paranormal instance that is well-known, but expect to see some links back to the occasions at Amityville from the first Conjuring movie of James Wan. Wan opened up about how it links to 2013's The Conjuring while presenting a fresh preview for The Conjuring 2 at WonderCon 2016. "We understood that in some ways we'd to touch on their most well-known instance, which is Amityville. Amityville in some means ordered what the remainder.. would be," he said of both narratives' links. "We needed to discover a narrative that reflected each other." The new preview, which may be seen above, grown upon the previously published teaser trailer (under).

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Coming up with something which's important, that is important to our everyday life." After a devotee inquired whether he is ever been inclined to place his own spin on a preexisting horror franchise, Wan said he continues to be approached to remake lots of horror movies, but he also does not have the want to do so while he's nothing against it.

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"If it is possible to locate something great, that is fantastic, but if not, why do it?" he said. "I have never looked at anything from that standpoint. Me lots of times, my work, continues to be inspired with. I had like if I could to creating new material.
The Conjuring - the hoped-for follow up from the originators of Insidious and Tool - got our imaginations with its mix of terror light, jump scares and, vitally, foundation in real life events that were creepy. The Conjuring 2 can also be predicated on an actual story: read to find the facts...

The Enfield Poltergeist instance starts in 1977

Because you did not understand where you were going to land the levitation was frightening. I recall a drape being wound around my neck, I was crying, I really thought I would expire. Bill, the guy who talked through me, appeared upset, because we were in his house.

The entire family endured though Janet was mainly targeted.

A raspy male voice rang through the home with the eerie message: Before I died, I went blind, and I 'd an 'hemorrhage and I fell asleep and I perished in the corner downstairs in the seat. Janet's sister Margaret remembers, there were odd little sounds in the home, you could not make out what was going on. We went and put on our dressing gowns and slippers. Authorities seen weird occasions in the house. Female police officer reported seeing a seat fly across an area, and droves of paranormal specialists have inquired the Enfield house. The poltergeist was nothing more in relation to the antics of a little girl who was really, very, smart and who needed to cause trouble.

Although terrifying and disturbing - Janet was intimidated and called 'Ghost Girl' and afterwards spent a brief while at a psychiatric hospital - she believes the poltergeist had not been an malevolent spirit: I believed used by a power that nobody understands. I am not convinced the poltergeist was really 'evil.' It was almost as if it needed to be part of our family.

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